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Conduit Conduit

data feed, modified drop ceiling, audio exciters, 7 months data feed, modified drop ceiling, audio exciters, 7 months

In my model of financial markets, noise is contrasted with information.
In my model of the way we observe the world, noise is what makes our observations imperfect.
In my model of inflation, noise is the arbitrary element in expectations.
In my model of business cycles and unemployment, noise is information that hasn't arrived yet.

– Fischer Black, The Journal of Finance, July 1986

This piece was made from the range of tones I can sing, running on a current of financial exchange. For the duration of the exhibition Barbe à Papa (Nov 2022 – May 2023), CAPC has subscribed to live market data from the European Energy Exchange. In this flow of electricity, financial market participants have helped me learn to listen for friction and uncertainty. The sound resonating through the metal ceiling was formed by removing every frequency from my voice but this noise. The pauses of my breathing were also removed, to simulate a voice with an unlimited supply of breath.

Installation view at CAPC Musée d’art Contemporain de Bordeaux, 2022

Sound created in collaboration with Charlie Culbert

Engineering Leonardo Rydin Gorjão and Nicholas Salmon

Finance guidance Argus Media, Jennifer Betts, Benjamin Thelonius Fels, Erin Fitzgerald, Derek Hyland, Emma Jenkins, Seana Lanigan, Tatiana Serova, Oz Sozen, Nithum Thain

Drop Ceiling CEIR; Anna Ferrari, Stefano Galeazzo, Said Ouakrim, Roberto and Marco Riccardi, Gezim Xhakaj

Data Services Montel Group; Morten Munkejord, Touzani Serifi

Thanks Fluxus Art Projects, Alessandro Alaia, Ben Browne, Nick Friedman, Leon Hilton, Jenny Jaskey, Nina Kraus, Jill Magid, Jim Perkins, Ian Sherman

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